What can I do while my child is in VBS?

If you'd like to stick around during VBS, we will have an area set aside for adults only. We will be offering coffee and refreshments in a lounge type atmosphere. There will also be free WiFi access You'll be able to relax in an area away from the children, but still be close by in case your child would need you. 

Do I have to stay while my child is at VBS?

No. If you would like to drop off your child and come back to pick them up, that's fine! Please indicate on the registration who can or cannot pick up your child from VBS. However, you are welcome to stay and see what's going on!

My Child Has Special Needs

Children with special needs are welcome at our VBS. We have a curriculum and lessons for these children that our teachers will use; however, we will keep all children together with their age group. We ask that you indicate any needs or accommodations when you register your child. Also, please check in with the nurses station if necessary. 

How are the classes divided?

Children are divided into three groups: K4 & 5, 1st - 3rd graders, and 4th - 6th graders. Each group has 2-3 teachers that will stay with their class throughout the entire program. 

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